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At Hobson Plumbing & Heating, we provide the best materials available and use time tested conventional repair methods in your home or business to ensure a quality job that will last.  We are able to repair or replace any plumbing fixture, appliance, or material out there.

With over 25 years of experience in commercial, industrial and residential plumbing repair and replacements, you can bet we can handle any job you throw at us.  Here’s a list of the most common services we provide.  (If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us.  We’d be happy to talk with you.)


Sump pumps are necessary to help prevent basement flooding. The protection they offer is especially important in finished basements containing recreation rooms, offices, bedrooms and most importantly, expensive heating equipment and water heater. As the water table rises and falls through the seasons, the pump collects excess water and moves it away from a home’s foundation. A variety of pumps and sizes are available, including battery-powered backup systems for use in areas prone to power outages. We’ll be happy to evaluate your needs and help you select the correct sump pump for your home. Unsure of how your sump pump is doing? We can perform a sump pump inspection, in addition to a water heater safety inspection. Combine them both and save money! Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form.


Nothing disrupts a relaxing shower like a rush of scalding water when someone flushes a toilet.  This causes changes in your pressure in the water line supplying your shower.  When you have changes in pressure on one side and not the other, you will feel the result of different volumes of hot versus cold water.  Fortunately, this common problem is easily solved by installing a pressure balancing device on the hot and cold water that feeds the shower faucet to detect changes in pressure and automatically balance it.  Alternatively, you can have the shower faucet replaced with a pressure balanced faucet.  Want to shower without fear?  We’ll be happy to help.


We’re here to help you with your water heater frustrations from no hot water, not enough hot water, temperature fluctuations, diagnostic issues and sizing. We can even provide you with an in-home consultation to help you choose a replacement unit at no cost. Water heater sizing is one of the most important details of a new water heater installation. Buying undersized or even oversized units can impact efficiency, life expectancy and most importantly, the quantity. Hot water is the lifeblood of your water system and we understand the painful feeling of a cold shower. Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.


We provide safety inspections on water heaters, commercial or residential. This inspection includes cleaning the intake screen to remove dust buildup that will decrease efficiency and even suffocate a water heater to the point of failure. If required, connect a hose and drain any sediment buildup from inside the tank which can help increase efficiency. We will operate water and gas emergency shut off valves to verify they work when needed, check for any gas and water leaks, check temperature settings, verify proper flue gas venting, inspect safety relief valve, check the condition of the expansion tank, and check for deterioration inside the burner chamber. Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.


Over the past 15 years, tankless water heaters in the U.S. have made leaps and bounds in quality, reliability, and efficiency.  Benefits to a tankless water heater over a conventional tank are many.  They consume less space in your home or business and are more efficient (some boasting 98% efficiency ratings) compared to a standard tank at nearly 80%.  They have endless hot water, no fuel consumption to reheat a full tank of water, no standing pilot burning gas all day and life expectancy that is double (approximately 20 years).  The only drawback is the upfront expense.  When that expense is drawn out over 20 years, you reap the efficiency benefit and not needing to replace at 10 years (like a conventional tank).  This factor will more than make up the difference.  Start being green today by having us out for a free consultation. Don’t forget, we offer to finance projects exceeding $1,000 if you qualify. Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.


Hard water can wreak havoc on fixtures, appliances, piping and even your skin. Ever feel dry and itchy in the cold months of the year? Need to apply excessive amounts of lotion after a shower to feel like you’re not going to crack? A water softener can remove elements from the water that cause scale buildup on shower doors, faucets, dishwashers, and can even prevent scale buildup on the bottom of your water heater that causes that crackling sound. A water softener can cure all these issues and more! Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.


Tired of buying bottled water at the store or looking to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles? With the number of contaminants in your tap water these days, you need to have a source of safe drinking water. At Hobson Plumbing & Heating, we make our own, and you can too. We’re installing more in-home drinking water purification systems than ever! The popularity of it is simple. Once installed, you can make between 50 – 100 gallons a day of 99% purified water for only the cost of tap water. We can install a water tap on your kitchen sink, and even hook it up to your refrigerator for purified water and ice cubes! This fridge hook-up will also eliminate the need to replace that $70 refrigerator filter that only lasts 6 months. Our filtration device does require filter replacements that you can purchase online and do yourself, or we’d be happy to come out and do it for you. Contact Hobson Plumbing & Heating today at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.


Ejector pumps are an important device for sewage and waste removal from your basement or lower level.  The ejector system collects waste water and sewage that is below your main gravity sewer line.  The pump ejects the waste water up into the gravity sewer to be carried out to the city main or septic system.  When your ejector pump fails, it can be an overwhelming task that should be left to the professionals.  Sizing and proper installation are very important due to the contents that the system expels.


Sump pumps are an important device to help keep your basement or lower level dry.  Since sump pumps eventually fail (typically without warning), it’s recommended to have some type of backup pump.  You can choose from a wide variety of systems from a secondary electric pump, an alternating pump system, a battery operated backup system, a whole house generator with secondary electric pump or a water operated backup pump.  Whichever system suits your needs best, make sure it’s sized properly and installed to a manufacturer’s specifications.


Water pressure issues are not uncommon but may show up in certain areas of the home and not in others, even differences from hot to cold at the same fixture.  When dealing with water pressure loss, there are many different factors that can cause the issue.  It’s best to start at the effected area and work backwards.  For instance, if you have a faucet that is slow, first remove the aerator to determine if its clogged with debris.  If it is not, move down to the supply lines and verify that they are clear.  If they are not, check the emergency valves.  If not, by this time you’ll have diagnosed that the blockage or restriction is in the water main or the faucet.  For further diagnosis, call a professional.  Most of the time a water pressure issue is a simple fix that the average homeowner can resolve on their own.  If you’ve exhausted all possibilities on your own or just don’t care to try, give Hobson Plumbing a call.  We’re experts in water pressure!!

See the below items for additional services we perform. Don’t see your issue? Give us a call at 630-761-3400 or fill out the contact form to request more information.

  • Outside faucets
  • High water alarms
  • Whole house water purification
  • Leak repairs
  • Toilets
  • Gas piping
  • Faucets
  • Well tanks
  • Bath and kitchen remodels
  • Laundry relocations
  • Basement bathrooms
  • Commercial pumps
  • Winterizing
  • Dewinterizing

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