Imagine being in the middle of a nice, hot shower and the water turns cold! Leave the snow and cold outside and take comfort in knowing your hot water heater has your back. Many Chicagoland homeowners rely on hot showers to help ease away that tension from a long day.

If you’re beginning to experience these types of problems often — and your hot water runs out after five to ten minutes — it’s time to stop wondering why and start looking for solutions. If you’re experiencing cold showers after reading these steps, you may want to contact a Hobson Heating and Plumbing technician.

Because water heating is the second largest expense in the American home, accounting for 14–18 percent of our utility bills, it’s worth your while to better understand the reasons your hot water runs out quickly. Then take easy steps to prevent it.

If you ever find yourself in a pickle with little to no hot water and can’t determine the root cause, Hobson Plumbing and Heating is here to serve you. Contact us to schedule an appointment.