If you have been watching the news this summer, you’ve undoubtedly seen the flooding horror stories come out of American cities like Baton Rouge, LA and other parts of the Gulf Coast. These communities may never be the same, with thousands of homes damaged and numerous families displaced by torrential rain and flooding.

These stories remind us of the importance of preparing our homes for anything – especially the worst. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have an adequate back-up system in place for your home’s sump pump.

Check it before it wrecks it

Most homeowners already have a back-up sump pump or other system in place in case their main sump pump fails them during a flooding event. This is your first step in preparing your home for disaster; the second step is regularly checking your back-up system to ensure it will work when disaster strikes. Flash floods have “flash” in their name for a reason – they typically occur rather unexpectedly – so failing to ensure your back-up system will be ready to take action beforehand is nearly as harmful as having no back-up system at all.

Thoroughly inspect both your main sump pump and your back-up system on a regular basis. Plan check-ups for the beginning of the rainy season (spring) and during the summer. If you live in a particular flood-prone area in Chicagoland, you should check your systems more frequently.

Better yet, have us check your sump pump for you. Our sump pump inspections are only $39; that’s much less expensive than cleaning and fixing your home after a major flooding event.

The importance of back-up

Think of all the other things in life for which you have back-ups (or, at least should consider having). You have back-up funds in case of health or family emergencies, for example. If you have an important presentation coming up, you’ll keep the files on additional thumb drives or bring print-outs. Some parents will have back-up babysitters in case their main one has to cancel at the last moment.

When it comes to your home, why not also have a back-up for it? Your home is the bedrock upon which your family is based, as well as a major source of your wealth and property. You should do everything you can to ensure its well-being in case of a disaster.


Don’t take unnecessary risks

The truly best thing you can do is have a professional check your sump pump and back-up system. We have many years of experience installing and inspecting sump pumps and back-up systems and may be able to spot things you wouldn’t be able to spot.

Make your appointment with us today using our online form or by calling us at (630) 761-3400.