In general, being a proactive person when it comes to safety takes a lot of time and planning. There’s checking the tire pressure when it gets cold outside; getting preventive checks on your car; regular doctor and dentist appointments; and purchasing anti-virus software for your computer.

But when it comes to your water heater, do you really have the time and energy left to worry about it?

Here’s why water heaters should be top-of-mind for safety – and how we can save you the time and effort by checking your water heater for you.

The importance of water heaters

Most people don’t actively think about their water heaters, unless a) the shower water stays cold and won’t get warm or b) the water heater is making suspicious sounds.

However, it’s an integral part of your home (and especially your morning routine). It helps make sure your white clothes get clean; it makes washing your dishes much easier; and if you live somewhere really cold, the prospect of a hot shower in waiting can get you through long snowy commutes.

Checking for safety

There are a lot of factors that can cause your water heater to be less efficient – or not work at all. Here are some of the common issues that can occur:

  • Dust build-up on the intake screen
  • Sediment build-up on the inside of the water heater tank
  • Gas and water leaks in the unit
  • Inaccurate temperature settings and thermometer readings
  • Deterioration in the burn chamber

Getting help

That sounds like a lot to check on, right? Well, we can check all that for you for the low cost of only $49. Think about how much time you save – and how many bitter cold showers you can prevent – by having us come to your home for you to check your water heater unit.

In addition to checking the above list, we’ll also drain any sediment buildup we find in the tank itself, which is a common efficiency issue. We’ll also ensure that your safety relief valve is working normally, which is crucial for preventing serious trouble with your water heater.

Ready to optimize your water heater?

Head to our Services page to learn even more about our water heater safety inspections. Once ready, contact us to set up an appointment today!