According to Education Week a federal watchdog estimates that 41 percent of school districts or 36,000 schools need to update or replace heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in at least half their schools, underscoring a significant infrastructure need for schools as they tackle coronavirus or what’s commonly referred to as COVID-19 this school year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released long-awaited guidance to help schools reopen, and among the recommendations is that schools should “ensure that ventilation systems operate properly” and should increase ventilation of outside air by opening windows and doors, unless it creates concerns for students with asthma.

Portable HEPA Filters

A temporary solution for classrooms is to have a portable HEPA filter to help clean the air. COVID-19 has presented teachers with an array of new challenges. And with the 2020 back-to-school season just beginning, educators are being forced to find ways to tackle remote learning or make their classrooms socially distance-friendly while working to ensure that learning experiences aren’t degraded.

HEPA Filter

Books About Germs and Proper Hygiene

Books about germs and proper hygiene such as how to properly wash your hands may come in handy for all ages. If students are in secondary education and interested in learning more about what Hobson Plumbing & Heating is all about or interested in the trade business, HVAC training books might be a nice option.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of choice digitally for supplies such as bacterial disinfectant/wipes, hand sanitizer, dedicated refillable water bottles, and more! Let teachers, nannies, caregivers, etc. know you appreciate their hard work with a gift card applicable to many retailers, including popular food services, online retailers, and more. Websites such as Giftogram or Gift Card Mall are great places to start!

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