Here are four tips you should consider to pet-proof your home’s plumbing. Keeping up with each one of these best practices means you should never have to worry about pet plumbing issues again.

According to the American Pet Product Association, approximately 68% of US households have a pet. Nearly one 100 million households have to account for the potential problems that come with having pets. Pets tend to put wreak havoc on plumbing.

Cover up exposed pipes

It’s the same concept as childproofing a home. Just like children love to open cabinet doors, pets love to chew on things. Avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet by covering up exposed pipes and wires.

If a pet chews through a pipe, fixing the potential burst could be a pricey problem. It might also damage the home or, worst of all, harm your pet! You’ll protect your home, your plumbing, and your pet all at once.

Keep plenty of water out

Pets, especially dogs, drink out of the toilet because they’re thirsty. If you make sure they always have water to drink, they generally stay out of toilet water. As a general rule, check your pet’s water bowl at least twice a day. Make sure they always have a drinking option that isn’t your toilet water.

Rinse dirty pets off outside

Rolling around in the mud is common for dog’s, but it can also be a plumbing disaster. When you wash a muddy dog off in the bath, it’s guaranteed to lose tons of muddy and matted fur. Nothing can create a clog quite as quickly or reliably as a muddy dog bath. To avoid the worst of the drain-clogging potential, we recommend stages of dog bathing. Pre-rinse your dog while you’re still outside to remove the worst of the mess. Once you’ve removed enough mud to see the fur, take them inside to the tub, shower, or slop sink.

Keep cleaning chemicals out of reach

If pets get into your bathroom cleaning supplies, they could make themselves extremely sick. Make sure your bathroom cleaners are out of reach or behind locked doors. Avoid having chemical drain cleaners in the first place. Not only are chemical drain cleaners poisonous to pets, they’re actually damaging to the pipes, too.

If your beloved family pet has caused a plumbing problem, don’t worry. Just call the professionals at Hobson Plumbing & Heating. No matter how difficult the clog or bad the burst is, we have just what you need to fix it. Call us today at 630-761-3400