Winter is upon us here in Chicago, and if you are thinking of selling your home, now is the time to get your house ready.  Most buyers hire an inspector to look over a home before purchasing, below is a list of problems that are commonly found, which you can fix now to make selling your home much easier.

Plumbing Leaks

Some plumbing leaks can either go unnoticed by the current owner, or considered too small to repair. One nuisance can be leaks in a toilet’s seal.  This can cause damage to the wood sub floor, which could be a deterrent to potential buyers.

Electrical Wiring Issues

A pesky rodent or a DIY project gone wrong could cause damage to wires, or leave connections not up to code. Most inspectors will check outlets to make sure they are wired correctly and properly grounded.

Furnace Cracks and Leaks

Cracks and leaks in your furnace and HVAC equipment may be technically working, some inspectors may note that the unit wastes energy or could be on its last leg. Either way, making sure your HVAC equipment is energy efficient and running well could help make for a quicker closing.


Old and broken windows with a broken seal, or a double-pane window that shows signs of condensation are items a buyer might want to be replaced or costs subtracted from the selling price. Fixing these items now, will ensure an inspector isn’t finding these problems later.

Appliance Safety

When installing a stove or oven, often times the installer may not include a safety device that prevents the appliance from tipping over. Check your user manual to determine where such a device would have been installed and check for yourself.  When the inspector sees it there, you will be glad you took the time to take care of a small detail that could be seen as a bigger problem to a potential buyer.

It is the job of a professional home inspector to cover every inch of a buyer’s home to make sure they know exactly what kind of home they are about to purchase.  Tackling the above problems can make for a positive inspection, a happy buyer, and an even happier seller.