Do you experience dry skin when you’re at home in the wintertime? Sure, it’s a particularly dry season for homes in general – especially when the heater is blasting – but there could be another culprit: Minerals in your water.

A standard water filtration system can only clean up the water so much; undissolved minerals such as magnesium and calcium can remain, making the water “hard” – and your skin dehydrated.

Luckily, there’s a solution available that can help solve this and other hard water problems – a water softener.

Hard water and your home

Adding a water softener – which we can install for you – will help further dissolve hard water minerals, softening your water and improving your home’s plumbing in general.

Unsoftened water, however, will build up inside your water heater. It will also cause scale build-up up shower doors, kitchen and bathroom faucets, dishwaters, sinks, and other surfaces.

Plus – do you notice an occasional “crackling” sound coming from your water heater? That’s likely mineral build-up from unsoftened water!

Hard water and your health

Other than dry skin, you can blame hard water on dry, lifeless hair. It can cause split ends and make your hair generally unruly when it comes time to style it.

Your best recourse for dry hair is investing in premium hair conditioners. Over time, this cost can really add up – why not save all that money by having a water softener installed to address the problem at the source?

Additionally, some minerals in water – such as iron – can cause health problems in excess (see what has happened in Flint, Michigan this year). While the majority of homes in the United States won’t have this problem, when cognitive health is involved, it’s important to take every precaution.

Hard water and your clothes

Last, hard water can make your clothes more and more difficult to wash. It can cause them to harden and blemish their texture.

Similar to washing hair with hard water, using lots and lots of fabric softener is your best bet when it comes time to wash the clothes. But again – why use “band aids” for the problem when you can tackle the root of it with a water softening unit?

Ready to soften your home’s water?

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