Boy do we have a tip for you. Water heating is an essential need (and an expensive one) for every home no matter where you live and what type of home you have. You need hot water for showers, to clean the dishes, to wash your hands effectively and to wash your clothes – among many other uses.

What if we told you there was a way to save money on water heating year-after-year? With tankless water heaters – the next generation of water heating – you most certainly can.

Tankless water heaters

As this type of water heating is so quick and efficient at heating water, it doesn’t require the use of a large, bulky tank to store hot water. Instead, as hot water is needed, the tankless water heater will run cold water through a highly heated pipe inside the unit, heating the water “on-demand” as you go.

Tankless water heaters may use gas or electric power, but either way will still end up using less energy in the long run than a tank water heater. Tank water heaters need a constant gas light to function and require more energy to heat water than a tankless system.

Keep in mind, however, that because tankless water heaters are newer technology and contain more advanced materials than tank heaters, tankless heaters will be more expensive to purchase than purchasing a new tank water heater.

Helping cover the cost

Beyond the natural cost savings over time, there are other ways to offset the cost of tankless water heaters.

First, you may be eligible for certain federal tax credits or rebates for going tankless. These would apply to the year in which you purchased an installed the unit. To find out more about potential federal savings, visit the ENERGY STAR website.

Using tankless water heaters also increases your score’s energy rating – making your home more attractive to potential buyers. This means you can increase your asking price when it comes time to sell your home.

Last, most well-made tankless water heaters are designed to last about 20 years. This is double the average life-span of a tank water heater. That means in the long run, you’ll be spending less replacing your tankless water heater than you would replacing a tank water heater every 10 years.

Find out more about tankless water heaters

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