Summer is full swing in North Aurora this mid-June. With temperatures reaching the 90s – and higher – there’s nothing like a quick, cool shower to cool down after walking around North Aurora’s neighborhoods or catching a baseball game.

When it comes to a great shower, there are a few key considerations you need to make.

  • At the beginning of the water’s journey is the water heater, which can be purchased in tank or tankless varieties (each with plusses and minuses).
  • Next comes the shower valve, which controls the heat and pressure of your shower.
  • And the last location before you experience the water is the shower head, which we’ll discuss today.

Main types of shower heads

The first major differentiator in shower heads is whether it’s in a fixed position or can be removed.

  • Fixed-position showerheads are mounted to the wall and typically can be tilted up or down (and sometimes side to side). Some can be removed to allow you get those hard-to-reach areas.
  • A flexible head is typically connected to the wall by a tube or hose, offering a fuller range of motion compared with a fixed shower head.
  • Sliding shower heads are affixed to vertical bar and can be slid up and down based on the person’s height.

Some of the even fancier varieties of shower heads aren’t even shower heads at all – they’re panels. These can essentially spray throughout a person’s height, offering a comprehensive – and quick – shower.

Further variety

We take showers every day (or even more frequently), so why not go all-out with your shower head? Here are some compelling variations to make your shower more enjoyable or even more cost-efficient.

  • Reduced energy shower heads – These low-flow shower heads use much less water than a typical shower head, but aim to provide just as much pressure through their complex designs.
  • Lit shower heads – These are a fun addition to the shower head – as well as a safety feature. With a more well-lit shower, you’ll be more likely able to spot any soap bars or other tripping hazards at the bottom of the shower.
  • Spray pattern customizations – Many modern shower heads come with some type of spray pattern customization. Before buying a new one, see what patterns are available, such as wide or centered.

Getting plumbing assistance

Are you a North Aurora home owner in need of plumbing assistance? You can contact us to set up an appointment. Also, learn more about improving your shower on our Services page.