If you’re like many people, you have seen the letters “HVAC” on numerous occasions without knowing exactly what the initials represent or what the technology includes. HVAC is the key to our comfort in homes, schools, businesses and all buildings.

HVAC (heating, ventilating/ventilation, and air conditioning) is the moniker used for the technology of indoor environmental comfort. Providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality is the ultimate goal of any HVAC system. It is a subset of mechanical engineering, which is predicated on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.

HVAC is a vital and necessary part of any residential structures such as family homes, apartment complexes, hotels and senior living facilities, as well as medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals. Without proper heating, cooling and air circulation, residents and workers would experience discomfort for sure, and at worst, if air quality is below par, they may suffer serious illness.

Furnaces keep us warm during the cold months of winter, A/C units make the heat and humidity of summer much more bearable, and air filtration units along with humidifiers and dehumidifiers all play a large role in keeping the indoor air comfortable and safe.

Indoor air can contain many contaminants including pet dander, mold, bacteria and pollen. In fact, the EPA estimates that most Americans are exposed each day to the indoor air contaminants that may lead to serious health problems, including cancer, respiratory ailments, fatigue and headaches. Air filtration units and humidifiers are great investments to make to ensure the cleanliness of your air and to regulate the amount of moisture it contains. This will result is cleaner and more comfortable inside your home or office.

Because there are so many different models and types of furnaces (gas, two stage gas, oil) and air conditioners (split systems, optimized coils, high efficiency) it is beneficial to shop around, assess your needs and consult a professional for advice in choosing the proper unit. If you own a home or business in the Chicago area, call Hobson Plumbing for sound advice or excellent service. We can visit your site and let you know what an improvement looks like.